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 Tuesday March 2nd 2016Tim Candler9


      For your sometimes very pompous correspondent the late night on Saint David's Day, Dewi Sant, the Bishop with a Dove, and vegetarian Patron Saint of Wales, an historical character who figures quite large in the Vestry of Monnow, had more to do with the Governor of Utah than Leaks and Daffodil. The thing is there's an assumption somewhere which may or may not be a Conspiracy Theory that the Governor of Utah tried to put to sleep. He said, roughly, that there's a fallacy in the world which suggests there's a dark, smoke filled room, where large, highly educated, very well adjusted if slightly blinkered College graduates with ties to Wall Street can come together to put an end to what many up there in the higher echelons of society think of as "The Menace who is Donald Trump."  Otherwise known as "The Billionaire Property Developer with Reaganesque communication skills."



     The Good Governor then goes on to say that this powerful cabal does not exist, elections are a free market place, the Republican Party can arrange for the structure of the their Primary Process but cannot dictate the outcome of that process. In short, what I think he was suggesting, is that despite all attempts to fix them, and many rumors to the contrary elections in a democracy are still elections. Odd thing when a Governor of a whole Sate feels inclined to say this. All the same it could well  have been a reference to Saint David. Saint David, who was a short man, while speaking to a large crowd he performed a miracle of raising a hill so that more people could see him. In that speech a Dove landed on his shoulder as he railed against Pelagianism and the crowd cheered. The Monk Pelagius believed that original sin did not taint us people. He claimed our Mortal Will is capable of choosing between good and evil. Those were the good old days, of course, when evil was all clearly written down in the book.


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