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 Thursday March 3rd 2016Tim Candler9


      Reckon on a big Potato planting this year. Mind you every year there's always some kind of reckoning on a big Potato planting, and very often the Potato planting is more moderate to small than it is big. And given this Gardener's propensity to distribute blame to all and sundry it might well be worth considering the life and times of Saint Patrick, who like our hero's grandfather was once captured by pirates, he was sold and he escaped from bondage. But unlike our hero's grandfather, Saint Patrick chose to return to the land of his slave days where he preached the word, eradicated the Islands population of Snakes, and his followers in more recent times have chosen Saint Patrick's Feast Day to become valiant around planting Potato.



     The thing about a Feast Day, is you have to actually be a genuine, certified by the Pope type Saint in order to qualify for a Feast Day. And it seems astonishing to me that despite the years and years of selfless endeavor and research into the many lives of our hero's grandfather your writer of pulp has failed to assign a Feast Day to The Rabbit of Usk. There's been a Society of Saint Timothy, there's been a whole thing, which some might have found a little dull, around The Rabbit's role in the Sabean Schism and the Poached Egg controversy, but no thought whatsoever given to The Rabbit's Feast Day. There are some might argue that this would make sense, given the strength of the Devil's Advocate's case against our hero's grandfather, but frankly I see no reason why The Rabbit can't have a provisional Feast Day until such time as the Vestry of Monnow has done it's difficult work of determining whether or not The Rabbit might have been a Saint.


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