An English In Kentucky


















 Sunday March 6th 2016Tim Candler9


      There's been a Fagin Glove issue for sometime. The old pair were good strong leather that had taken on a green patina and smelled a little like rutting Warthog and decomposing Frog. And at the same time a Gardener does develop a relationship with his Fagin Gloves, it's called loyalty which combines with an affection, a solid bond that no man or woman or flavor should rent in twain.



     The other thing that I can't find and may well have also succumbed to suspicious circumstances is my Mushroom Hat. There is a theory floating around that the hat had developed certain characteristics that resulted in it actually producing spores of such good quality boiling it in bleach served only to encourage it to behave like a Mushroom. Not saying anything's been accidently thrown away or lost to high winds just saying the season is off to a rocky start.


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