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 Wednesday March 9th 2016Tim Candler9


      The earth is crying out for Potato Rains. It's a light rain that just goes on for hours and hours, might even be days with temperatures around 45 Fahrenheit. Always nice when Potato Rains follow the planting of Potato, but what with one thing and another and despite the feel like conditions, the warming soil, the color of the boy Bluebirds, and the Robins increasingly distrusting each other, it's probably far too early for Potato.



     The Saint Patrick Day argument holds little water in the imagination of your gardener, in the past years he's been banjaxed by the Snake Hating Irish Saint far too often. One year in recent memory March 17th was followed by a Naraka so shivering the Potato shoots crisped and shriveled and worse nut trees went nutless. As well, it was the fall of that year which challenged the Fox Squirrel and brought out the Greys. Forget which year it was, but it's a year that will live in infamy.




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