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 Monday May 16th 2016Tim Candler9


      The temptation to take another turn in the Election 2016 Hamster Wheel is way up there on the list of desires. It's the case also that those of us prone to Angst of the Gentler kind might prefer to explore the phenomenon of mind, it's thoughts in relation to those emotions spat out by the limbic system, the sense of touch, the idea of presence in the world, the universality of our relationships with the other, through something far, far away from the adventure and stress of a political process. It might also be the case that your correspondent would be wise to chose a Sporting Event to get all worked up about. Some team of men, or women engaged in a form of battle that has a cut and dried end point, with anther chance for glory and wild celebration next season, and if not next season, the season after that. A chance to bond with fellow supporters, curse the linesman, consider the teams victory a personal triumph, and spend good money on the sleeveless tee shirt, or beaky hat.



      It's a sound enough theory, but I'd rather think about Lenin. There was a dedicated man, single minded in his often ruthless pursuit of turning an idea of himself and us into something more manageable. He's been dead for 92 years, his body preserved and still on display, and according to reports he actually looks better today than he did when he died. I'm told there was a poll recently conducted the outcome of which suggested a good majority of the Russian people thought Lenin should be removed from his mausoleum and buried so the significant resources used to maintain him might be put to other uses. I mention this because the current Russian Emperor set aside the will of the majority, he suggested that many Orthodox Saints, or some part of them, had been preserved for centuries in churches and that Lenin should be thought of as a Saint. A kind of unusual thing to get excited about, but on this I do find myself in agreement with the Czar. Naturally I'll tag this personal reaction as emotional dependence, so in a way it is a Sporting Event.


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