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 Monday May 23rd 2016Tim Candler9


      The month of May around here is beginning to pull itself together, it's no longer shy, it always knew what it was supposed to do, and for some of us it's something of a relief that May has decided to behave like May. And without entering yet another contest of will, I'd like to suggest that the Masculine and the Feminine can be applied to months of the year.



      Worth noting that all months of the year in French are Masculine which doesn't seem sufficiently spirited or adventurous to make any sense whatsoever. And I'd argue that so far this year, May has been a a sort of teenage boy May. Any other year, May would have been female and she would have worn a tiara and we'd all have had plenty of time to prepare for the Summer Solstice which is only twenty nine days from now.


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