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 Tuesday May 24th 2016Tim Candler9


      Anytime now Eggplant and Green Pepper are going to perk up. Spinach, or what there is of it, is going to run to seed. In the grand scheme these are minor issues, and short of a plague these issues are predictable, but the moment of Bean Sprout might not be. The reason for this Bean Angst is fairly well summed up by the question "Who planted them." And it's true there are people, hard working, diligent, perfectly respectable people who because they might have made the odd derogatory or negative remark in moments of extreme passion have been surrounded by some kind of aura that causes seeds, particularly Bean Seeds, to just reckon on the effort not being worthwhile.



      Some people might say that four days isn't really long enough to make these sort of wild-eyed judgments. A Bean, they'll argue, even under optimal sprouting conditions can take up to ten days to sprout, if not longer. The trouble is those optimal conditions depend upon soil temperature and moisture, and while it's certainly warm enough, humidity is low and the ground is drying fast. Some might argue that the hosepipe was invented for exactly this sort of problem. Last year I agreed with that argument and at least fifty percent of Beans chose to rot. The year before that was just as bad and it goes back a bit into the mists of time. So it's a little tense wondering how I've behaved in the past twelve months.


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