An English In Kentucky


















 Friday May 6th 2016Tim Candler9


      Our hero is locked in a garden shed. Long story, he was caught stealing a turnip by an older lady, she was tough, long grey hair and whiskers. Don't get me wrong there was no man handling involved, rather it was the arrival of the older lady's daughter which put a shock in the circumstance, and it was the older lady's suggestion he hide in the garden shed. He obliged, she closed the shed door and she latched it.



      I guess there are several ways to introduce our hero to the Welsh Language. It always sounds beautiful, made for the mists and the poet, and the older lady's daughter did have sharp words for her mother who was outside in her dressing gown, no shoes on her feet, frigid morning at the end of February. Not a word of the younger woman's crystal language did our hero understand, but the reply was in English, "I'm eighty two and I'll wear shoes when I want to."



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