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 Thursday November 10th 2016Tim Candler9


    Light frost with a high dew point and Dimensional Lumber delivery this morning. These Bits of wood are now all neatly stowed out of the weather, and delighted to say the Girl Cat has finally recovered from an unwarranted infringement upon her morning routine. She's not what you might call an admirer of internal combustion engines prowling around, or gas stoves, or any kind of noise much louder than a pitter-patter of little feet. I think someone called her a Delicate Cat. But it's a wisdom she has that goes back in time to the origins of the smaller grayish almost stripy cats that have a few mismatched orange type blotches but who do have perfect eyebrows and a very sensible distrust of large Rabbits.



      In N scale, we'd be talking about a cat who from head to toe would probably be measured in halves of millimeters, and I wish I could say the same for the new outdoor project. Some of the bits of wood, or Dimensional Lumber as we who have discussed matters with professional lumber merchants have been persuaded to call them, are young healthy male weight lifter size bits of wood. For an elderly almost decrepit gardener this probably means winches, leavers and rope if he's going to managed to stay on the correct side of a heart attack. Meanwhile three post holes are almost at the three foot mark. Three more to go. Expected completion time for the project is as yet so far into the future the world might have ended before the roof goes up.


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