An English In Kentucky


















 Monday November 14th 2016Tim Candler9


    The meeting between Crabtree and Saint Chad at the Lunch at Afon-Bedd wasn't pretty. As a proud Mercian, and despite the intervening thirteen hundred odd years since Saint Chad had spread The Word to Mercian Leadership, Hugh Crabtree had few qualms around expressing his opinions on the subject of the Roman tonsure which Saint Chad wore. When our hero recovered from the experience of witnessing a variety of tonsured mental patients having their lunch and who wasn't even a little bit familiar with the tonsure debate, reckoned the funny hair cut worn by some of the inmates were lobotomy related, finally and with great relief he recognized a schism when he saw heard all about it.



      Unfortunately, following a misunderstanding in the lunch queue, our hero had somehow managed to give his fellow inmates the impression that he was of the Mussulman Faith. An error during the Medieval Period of gigantic proportions on his part, and one which both shocked and outraged his sainthood seeking grandfather. But on the more positive side, and in our own difficult times attempting to remain positive is a reach for glory rather than anything constructive, news had spread through the catering staff grapevine that Byr Gwningen was in residence. It's the case also that the great majority of Afon-Bedd orderlies were thick skinned folk from England.


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