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 Saturday November 19th 2016Tim Candler9


    As regular visitors to Saint Barbara know there's an association between a Sheik of Araby and a collapsed railway tunnel. The extraordinarily well fed man had a fondness for fossils, he and his entourage had swarmed the county when it was rumored that while dynamiting the tunnel, the remains of what might have been a brand new species of Dinosaur was discovered. Sadly the Sheik and two of his very young and well shrouded female associates, his body guards, his food taster, his personal violinist and his stenographer were all tragically lost to a second tunnel collapse and to this day the remains of a little bit of Arabia are entombed beneath a future Carmelite Monastery.



      Back then of course citizens of Saint Barbara were an open minded, free wheeling bunch, fun to be around, they were self confident, wise in their own abilities, independent minded, they didn't spend a lot of time fussing about the shape or size of someone's feet, whether a person wore funny hats or not, and generally speaking welcomed the wider world without entering a xenophobic, foot stamping tantrum which, despite rumors to the contrary, does thoroughly betray a person's dependence upon the more reactionary organs of the state. The I am what I am, the Yahweh, humble and often short sighted designer of Saint Barbara, has listened to his people, they do watch far too much television, spend far too much time on The Face Book and The Twitter, and I have told them that whether they like or not the Main Railway Station in Saint Barbara is going to be Yellow and White, and I don't care whether Yellow and White does hint at Papal influence, it's also the colors of the Crusader States, so that should keep the Militia happy.


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