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 Wednesday November 23rd 2016Tim Candler9


    The outdoor project has reached Phase Five and is ready to have its posts trimmed, and because if the Gods are willing not much more will happen to it until something like March of next year the untreated timbers will get a coat of water seal in the next day or so. This done the outdoor project will be well prepared for an extended dream state, a form of hibernation, during which time fantastic schemes may be hatched that include things like a second floor, with a balcony for cocktails, basket making and star gazing.



      Mind you star gazing has to really happen in the colder weather otherwise it becomes a battle with small flying creatures that bite. This means the outdoor structure will probably require some kind of heating system, which would require a chimney  for something like a pot-belly stove. Nor would it really be possible to gaze comfortably at stars on a cold winter's night without access to the odd amenity such as a plentiful supply of fuel for the wood stove. Electric would be nice to heat cocoa and running water would be nice.....  Either way odds are by this time next year there'll be no room to actually park a vehicle inside the outdoor project.


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