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 Sunday November 27th 2016Tim Candler9


    Alright Guys, the issue has to do with Feeder Wires. Fret not, it was all Dutch to me this time last year, and very quickly I gained a D plus in the subject. Easy to do because it really isn't that complicated once you've gained an understanding of the word Bus Line, or Bus, as it's often referred to by the electrical community. The Bus is something like a wire that travels to where electric power might be needed. The Feeder Wire takes power from the bus to the point where power is actually needed. Rail track isn't a very good conductor of electric, so good practice is to solder Feeder Wires to the track from the Bus at set intervals which results in the track having an even distribution of power, and this means something like a 4-6-2 doesn't shatter the confidence of the populace by suddenly being taken by an ennui when negotiating a distant or unromantic curve.



       The thing is you don't get an electric circuit unless the over active and excited electrons have somewhere to go home to, where they can calm down and talk about their day, or whatever. This means the electrical engineer needs two bus lines, one to distribute power to the track, and one to give the power its chance to go home. With track, there are two rails. One rail receives agitated electrons, the other sends them home. And here, when attaching Feeder Wires from bus lines it's kind of critical to make certain there's no confusion about which rail receives the electrons and which one sends them home again. An error can result in horrible things happening, and by horrible I'm talking worse than out of control children swallowing vitally important but small parts. Naturally to reduce the possibility of throwing 24 volts instead of 12 volts at the 4-6-2 and watching it explode I've prepared diagrams that quickly become incomprehensible, the stressed out squiggles totally illegible, so I'm going to either have to go for some kind of color coding system or I could just leave the 4-6-2 in its original packaging and hang it on the wall somewhere.


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