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 Wednesday November 30th 2016Tim Candler9


    There's an expression which before the recent Politico Geologic Era of "telling it like it is," some might have considered crude. To my mind it remains a rather disgusting but wonderfully expressive way of describing those who seek solace from saviors. And here, the savior might be a religious personage, might be temporal, such as a political figure or someone with gold to trade favors for, never been quite certain what the difference is. As well, this savior might even be an "it" such as my own adoration of a "slope in a random place," you can think of it as geometry and see it sometimes in the dazed eye of a mathematician when he or she answers the question why in the hope of getting something like tenure, or a second home with a terrific view of a sea wall. Either way, the expression is two words, first word sounds like car, second word sounds like sucker and the earth has no shortage of them at the moment.



       The much more important question for those of us who are rapidly retreating from the planet is how to translate current trends from the world of men into N-Scale without endeavoring to show a positive commitment to our interesting future by erecting something like a 1:148 guillotine for the public execution of flag burners on the top of Glavni Kolodvor, Vivre La France by the way. And too, if we are hell bent on re-living the ripping yarn that was the 18th Century and discover ourselves recreating a brand new and exciting Medieval Period it's well worth a Creator's while to recall that the Venerable Bead was a pillar of the religious establishment but he was also a blatant propagandist for the Nationalist Cause. Yes indeed, on the hills west of Saint Barbara's Tunnel there's going to be some major worshipping of the Good Saint Teresa and her barefoot Carmelites. And somewhere much further West, I've a damned good mind to suggest a Cathedral dedicated to Saint Winifred.  Fortunately for ten books of The Rabbit of Usk, your narrators prescience has been such that no changes will be necessary.


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