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 Monday November 7th 2016Tim Candler9


    One argument might suggest it's a little too dry to dig post holes. Indeed there's a whole philosophy about when to do what, and in that body of knowledge post hole digging is frequently mention as an Early Spring activity. This time of year it's all about making the most of leaves, climbing ladders to clear gutters and downspouts, painting wood, wondering when a first frost will bring out the sweet in Turnip Greens, tinkering with batteries, throwing away bulb catalogues and generally preparing for the Winter months.



      There's also an argument that heroic heroes take absolutely no notice of collected wisdom, they see an established pattern and feel duty bound to break that pattern otherwise the world would still be flat. It's also true that there's a thin line between heroic heroes and bloody fools. Which leads inevitably to the current political impasse which some would argue has put the heebie-jeebies into established patterns, left them tenderfoot and dribbling. If you're interested I'll be voting for the shorter of the two blonds, the one that once crossed a museum picket line.


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