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 Wednesday October 12th 2016Tim Candler9


    One of the versions of Saint George slew a Dragon, or he might even have slayed a Dragon. The Dragon in question had made a home around a fresh water spring which was the source of water for a village. Every time a villager went with his pail to fetch water the Dragon would either chase the villager away or eat the villager. An impasse Saint George was able to solve with his lance. And the thing about Dragons is that in some imaginations they were wicked and inspired by the Devil to do evil things and anyone who chose a Dragon as their emblem had to be up to no good.  




    Well, I'm one of those sissies who never has been able to think killing Dragons an act worthy of Sainthood. It just never seemed right, but it really does add complexity to the problem of understanding what it takes to become a Saint. The Rabbit, in his own quest to be recognized as a Medieval Saint in one of his past lives upon earth has had a word in your writer of pulp's ear. He's mentioned Saint George's Dragon slaying incident in an attempt to level the playing field, he goes on a bit about forgiveness of sins and "for the good of the whole." Nor is it that easy for a writer of pulp to move away from his own bias in the interest in narrative.


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