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 Friday October 14th 2016Tim Candler9


    Alright Guys! While under a recalcitrant pick-up truck admiring the incomprehensible nature of the mechanic's task your correspondent had what might be called a moment of inspiration. Saint Barbara is the Patron Saint of Artillery Men, so it's no wonder The Saint Barbara County Militia are so stubborn around their demand for a U-Boat in exchange for their cooperation in the ongoing NSTIP project (N Scale Track Improvement Program.) What we need is a balancing force and Saint Teresa, The Patron Saint of Headaches and Chess, just leapt into my mind. It was like a bright shiny star through the fog of morning and the fumes of gasoline. The answer, A Carmelite Monastery on the hill behind the New Red Bridge. Sadly, this could present a problem of authenticity for those of us who are reaching our limits of compromise and who are almost ready to address the horrible problem of picking up a telephone to ask a question of a Wrecker's Yard.




    It's well known in certain quarters that all Saints after around 1066 are pretty much in the category of Modern Saint, they're not true saints, they are wishy-washy, dogma ridden, power hungry lunatics. And unlike a genuine and true Medieval Saint such as Saint Barbara who died in 306, Saint Teresa met her savior in the October of 1582. Some purists might say rude things about the assertion that Saint Teresa isn't a genuine saint. And they may well have a point. Certainly at a tender age Teresa ran away from home to find Martyrdom amongst the Moors, which many will consider a characteristic of Modern Saints, but the key words here are "at a tender age." And, I'd argue, there's no way a Carmelite Nun can be considered as "Trending Toward the Modern." Pretty certain Saint Barbara would be draped in I Pods, but certainly not Saint Teresa. Nor can you really see the Patron Saint of Headaches and Chess getting as worked up about having a U-Boat in the Gorge as someone like a Patron Saint of Artillery Men. A win-win, I think.


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