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 Thursday October 20th 2016Tim Candler9


    "Glavni Kolodvor" is "Central Railway Station" in Croatian. "Rakia" of course is Brandy in Croatian, and woman is "Zena." Oddly enough in the Greek, the name Zena means Born of Zeus, god of sky and thunder.  Which does have certain "I don't know what." How or why your correspondent remembers these things rather than something useful, like his telephone number or the whereabouts of his Phillips Head Screw Driver, is far too depressing to contemplate.



    But the point is, N scale is crying out for a Grand Central Railway Station. I picture a Transport Hub possessed by all the Victorian Virtues, and to give purpose to some of the more unnecessary things lodged inside me I'm going to call this magnificent edifice, with shunting yards and possibly a turntable, Glavni Kolodvor. Might even be spelled Kolodvar, three O's in a word is one too many, and for me at least the '..var' part make's it easier to remember.


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