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 Friday October 21st 2016Tim Candler9


    Have to think Democracy is essentially about one thing, and that one thing is an agreement between the powerful that suggests rousing the populace then raising armies and laying waste to an opponent's territories is expensive and wasteful. Much better to avoid risking confiscation of property, imprisonment, and possible lynching by accepting the possibility of defeat and agreeing to do battle for votes. Mind you when King Alfred defeated Guthrum the Dane in battle, he didn't remove Guthrum's head, instead once the dead and been mourned Alfred gave Guthrum the flatter parts of East Anglia.



    No doubt for Alfred there was an element of Obama-esque compromise in his sporting generosity, better the Dane you know in East Anglia than a brand new Fire Breathing Dane from Denmark with a real low opinion of Islanders being horrible to Saxons. Whatever the means to victory, and putting aside all attempts to analyze the issues and viewing the upcoming US Presidential Election as a particularly sectarian tribal gathering designed to chose the Paramount Kahuna, an Hawaiian word for a priest, a sorceress, or any general diviner of the tea leaves, interesting to speculate which of the current Presidential Candidates would be wisest in victory. Oddly I can see Donald giving Hillary something like Long Island or New Hampshire, and I can see Hillary telling Trump to go sit in a corner for the remainder of his days.


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