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 Saturday October 22nd 2016Tim Candler9


    Rain, a little under three quarters of an inch of it, did the work of raising the late ground cover to leaf. There's a cold weather Oat, a Pea of some sort and Crimson Clover. It's the Oat that raises suspicion, it looks far too happy. An early ground cover of Turnip is already well established, it's got that kind of green that looks delicious, but the plants are very close together, no tribute to the gardener's capacity to broadcast daintily.



    For a long time there's been an idea of planting Daikon Radish as a ground cover. It's not much in the area of nutrition for a person, it does offer Vitamin C. It's an East Asian cold weather Radish that has a good long root, kind of Carrot like. The point being that a good long root is useful in a ground cover and Radish, like Turnip melt down quickly after being dug in. Not sure what might happen to the Oat if digging weather resumes sometime next March.


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