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 Wednesday October 26th 2016Tim Candler9


     A time comes when a person has to admit they're afraid of sixteenth's of inches. Almost preferable to think in terms of tenth's of inches. Eighth's of inches, despite the spelling, are manageable for me, but the thing about a sixteenth of an inch it represents about nine inches in N Scale. An eighth of in inch is about a foot and a half, I think. The Big Pyramid at Giza, two hundred foot to the top, in N Scale would be about fifteen feet to the top. Either way, the time has come to do away with the official Saint Barbara measuring system and reach into the horizons of measuring where finer detail and more accurate proportions might be achieved and this would mean a magnificent 2-6-4 with headlight wouldn't be dwarfed by a Station Master's opulent domicile.




     To add to the burden, after goodness knows how long, I'm having trouble conceptualizing Saint Barbara's Tower. The mind has wondered a little from the idea of it being windowless. Thinking more in terms of a Saint Barbara's Tower après the lightning strike that so rightly reduced Saint Barbara's horrible father to ashes. Also reckon it has to be a round tower, sort of mud and wattle, though how mud and wattle would manage the fifty two inches of rain Saint Barbara's county can anticipate during the course of a twelve month period, I've no idea. In other news, the County's Militia still pine for a U-Boat, which are about ten inches from tail to bow, the boys and girls of the County's Militia are between quarter of an inch and half an inch from boot heel to eyelet.


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