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 Thursday October 27th 2016Tim Candler9


     Nut Collecting Blue Jays are quietly getting along with their tasks before the freeze arrives. Of the Blue Jays, those who choose to collect nuts are a peaceful, hardworking, silent band and joy to be around. The Travelling Blue Jays, those who fly either North or South, sometimes East or West, sometimes round and round, are raucous, they are unruly and their call can shatter the calm of pretty much anytime of day, not just once or twice, but incessantly from around nine in the morning until well after teatime. It's one of the more irritating, nerve grating-noises heard in the tapestry. It's the Avian equivalent to barking dogs, chain saw operators, weed eaters, balling three year olds and on reflection it's quite a long list.




     Fortunately Travelling Blue Jays are few and their absence does grant the Bird Enthusiast his opportunity to attempt an unbiased appraisal of what exactly it is the Nut Collectors are up to. My own view has always been that all Blue Jays are inclined toward obsessive behaviors. As the winter bares down no Blue Jay has any idea what to do, but a compulsion drives them to do something and whatever it is, it has to be done as diligently as possible. It's a statement as much as it is anything else, a form of display, it's a "look how busy I am." Over the generations a schism has developed in the Blue Jay Community and toward the end of October each Blue Jay has to chose sides. Generally the younger a Blue Jay the more likely he or she is to chose Travelling. The Old Farts collect nuts. It's as simple as that.


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