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 Sunday October 2nd 2016Tim Candler9


     Braith Bidder, (82) of Wirral Cottage has put a hex on the Commonwealth Railway Company. It's the last straw for those of us who are currently struggling with recalcitrance from Saint Barbara Militia around their U Boat. I've discovered they've been watching reruns of Das Boot and have declared an interest in Frauke Petry of the AFD, and without even asking I guess Petry is a somekind of politician who's making the most of cultural restlessness by the older farts in Germany.



    Meanwhile there is no train service to Saint Barbara, so a little fussing is only to be expected. In the interest of wider curves The Gorge is currently undergoing renovation, it'll become more gorge-like. The very feeble Gorge Bridge has been removed and Saint Barbra's Bend has the beginnings of an additional line, this will require a trestle of some sort to take the lines west north west and back toward what might one day be civilization. Sadly this route, dictated by curves, makes a bee-line for the Station Master's vegetable plot, and understandably the Station Master is a little concerned. I would be too.


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