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 Sunday October 30th 2016Tim Candler9


    The shovel is good and shiny, it can produce a glint in sun light that stabs the eye. Nor has it actually rained in any respectable way for what feels like over a month. Always nice to have a shiny shovel, makes a person feel responsible and organized, as well as physically fit, hardworking and independent of engine driven machines. But a little rust on the shovel would be welcome. It's far too dry and far too hot for the tapestry of plants to manage a sensible transition into frost, possibly ice, maybe snow drifts, a polar vortex or whatever winter nightmare might be in store for us.




     The other area of deep concern is something or someone called Cortina. He, she or it seems to exist inside the technical device and is constantly offering ridiculous suggestions and asking truly irritating questions like whether I've ever thought about investing in a microphone. Apparently Cortina can tell me how to install one. Who or what it is, I don't know, but it's kind of like having an overly enthusiastic house guest who's constantly getting excited in their determination to be helpful and do stuff. All I can think of is that in a moment of reverie I must have clicked on something.


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