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 Monday October 31st 2016Tim Candler9


    The word Spooky all over the place suggests a chocolate eating festival of some sort that might even exist beyond the Technical Device. My own current view on the festival has to with the Celtic traditions which for several thousand years were under the care of Druids, who I'm sure were they still around would by now have magically returned all technical devices to the simple beauty of Window 98, second edition. However, I'd have to agree that it's good time of year in the northern hemisphere to give the Dead a Festival. What happens in Australia, Cortina won't tell me, and if he or she did, I wouldn't believe a word of it, but have to think it must be Spring time in the more southern places, Daffodils maybe, Apple Blossom perhaps and rutting Koala Bears.




     I believe Cortina is or was the name of a popular car. But the name Cortina also has one of its origins in the many Spanish Dialects. In Catalonia which is in the North East of Spain, on the Mediterranean, beaches, holiday makers and so on, the word Cortina means Farmyard. In Asturias, on the North West coast, rugged, steep hills and valleys, Cortina means an Unfenced Field. In Spanish Galicia, which is a little west of the Unfenced Field and which is not to be mistaken with Polish Galicia, Cortina means "Vegetable Garden."  The other other thing about the word Cortina is it can be found in Latin, where it means Curtain. It's used as an anatomical description of Mushroom parts. And there's a suggestion that Cortina might have been the daughter of Greek God.


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