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 Monday October 3rd 2016Tim Candler9


     Sweet Potato crying out for assistance. All of a sudden it could get wet, very wet and this year Sweet Potato are in a somewhat boggy area. Not talking swamp with reeds and Redwing Blackbird, but there's some kind of flow in the land above the Sweet Potato that permits water to collect a while, develop an anaerobic potential which now that the chills are giving consideration to the empire of winter might not be good for Sweet Potato.



    There's something about digging any kind of Potato that gives even the most dour of gardeners a certain thrill. It's like going on a bit of an adventure, and yet any kind of keen anticipation from a gardener is very much in the area of a "No-No." Odds are some Sweet Potato will be well nibbled, especially those nearer the surface, or located near a Mole run. It's not the Moles that do the nibbling you understand, it's those scampering fellows who are often tempted to take to the underground in the hopes of finding a convenience store. 


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