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 Tuesday October 4th 2016Tim Candler9


     Slight rearrangement in the room where I sleep. In short it's a new corner for the technical device, and I'll tell you this much, your correspondent is having a little trouble assimilating to the spot. He's got his Cowry Shell, his tooth, his nail clippers, his Wasp but there are no Dust Bunnies and the back drop is of a Sunset the photographer swore was un-embellished that keeps jumping out and saying "I am thoroughly embellished, sucker!"



    But at this time of year it's important to be neurotically positive, so change is good, it was about time I swept up the thousands of Lady Bird corpses which had accumulated in the harder to reach interstitial spaces, and during the course of any major rearrangement of place there's always rediscovery of stuff thought lost as well as the odd conundrum. Who knew I had two nail clippers. Where the other pair came from I don't know, but it's very distracting and one of them has to go.


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