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 Thursday October 6th 2016Tim Candler9


     There's often a jingoism amongst those who investigate the ancestors. Yet you can understand the discipline of men and women determined to approach the area academically, stand outside, search for an objective criteria, an obsession with artifacts, rather than just make stuff up in an effort to demonstrate a predetermined point. And oh the excitement following the dating of a particular kind of sword that might suggest the Island Celts were not simply an outlier of Continental Celts, they might just have been more innovative, better organized and so on.



    Fortunately in the Sabean Genre there's no messing around with waiting for the discovery of an artifact, it's all in the Dream World that goes so far back it touches those days when our Ancestors first stared into the savannah. The majority of us in this day and age are reluctant to believe that Dreams are real, and I don't mean picket fences, ambition or possession of foreign investments, I mean the thing that sometimes happens when a person is asleep. In this day an age there are suggestions that dreams are interpretable and best to lie on couch discuss it endless in the hopes of a cure. But our ancestors believed that dreams were another place, as real as here and now. Can't prove it of course.


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