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 Wednesday September 14th 2016Tim Candler9


      Protein is a Polymer. Lots of small molecules locked into each other to make a whole. A tough nut to crack, un-nuanced without elegance if you like. But some polymers have a horrible smell. Silicon caulk for example, and the kind of resins that require a hardener to activate and which are used for example to fill the cavities in rotting window sills that have been caused by the Oligarchy of Latex Paint. Don't be fooled by the tiny print which quietly suggests that over exposure to polymer resins might not be a good thing for the brain stem, all you have to do is open the can and it gives a wise man a headache. One of the first plastics was called Bakelite. It was arrived at by a chemist in 1907, and in 1993 Bakelite was designated a National Historic Chemical Landmark. A sure sign our species is in deep decline. The other thing about the smellier polymers is that they provide a Happy Harry who might be too lazy to use wood to replace his rotting wooden window sill, with a quick and easy fix. Often followed by a little bit of a lie down.



     The convenience of plastics is mind blowing. Nor does it really degrade. As I understand it the oceans are full of it, and some of it contains a formaldehyde that gives it an extra longevity as well as an ability to resist mold and sooty blooms. My window sill repair was a phenol formaldehyde resin, and no doubt the remaining wood in the window sill will soon enough be long gone leaving an oddly shaped plastic artifact that could well be a collectible to future, hopefully more sensible generations. Either way, the point is there's a resin that cures crystal clear, and it's perfect for an N Scale water feature. The wretched river that runs through Saint Barbara's County would shine and sparkle, and everybody would go "that looks nice." Well there's a new broom in Saint Barbara, to hell with water features, as soon as the weather gets cold, I'm going to do away with the river. I think it's a perfect spot for the White Horse of Effingham, or maybe a Nunnery. Gosh it's exciting.


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