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 Friday September 16th 2016Tim Candler9


      Being a boy my role includes taking the trash to the end of the road in ample time for it to be collected by the mandated trash collection service. It's seven or eight hundred yards from here to there and by the time the trash is gathered and if the vehicle starts, the round trip is something like fifteen minutes. The Artist's role is to congratulate me for having performed the chore and this is done by asking whether or not I was privy to any excitements during my adventure to the end of the lane.



     I guess everything's relative in the grand scheme of excitements, but today I was able to confirm that yesterday's late afternoon loud engine noises had to do with harvesting a cornfield. This is the Maize type corn, not the Wheat type corn. There was suggestion that it did seem a little early to be harvesting the Maize and there was some grumbling about the lack of rain, high temperatures and grasshopper in the fall Lettuce. Interesting too, and not many people yet know this, but Saint Timothy was born in a Visigoth cornfield, it must have been the fall of 720 AD, a good 20 years before the Berber Revolt against Damascus, and a good 10 years before the Bearded Goat Incident. It would have been Wheat type cornfield.


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