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 Saturday September 17th 2016Tim Candler9


      There's what you call a Fruit Fly Outbreak in the domicile. My own suspicion is that prior to a recent purchase of Onion and Potato from a corporate source there were no Fruit Flies in the domicile, and the kitchen was a picture of harmony, there was no twitching, there were no sudden bursts of swatting activity that so distress the Girl Cat. Nor was there any sense of the world having suddenly come to an end with the inevitable casting around for whose fault it might be and how a wall might be raised to protect the purity of kitchen ambience.



     It reminds me a little of distant conversation I still recall with clarity. My companion was convinced the Thistles that plagued him had arrived on a load of hay from Canada. There was in his mind no other explanation for it. No sense of Thistle Down being unconstrained by international land borders, instead there was lurking suspicion that Canadians had plotted against him. But the thing about these Fruit Flies, they look bigger, more voracious in a swarthy kind of way and I am increasingly convinced they're the result of genetic engineering by the manufacturers of household pest control products.


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