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 Monday September 19th 2016Tim Candler9


      Vegetable Garden is good and colorful. Some of the color is as a result of filling in predicted gaps with annual ornamentals such as Zinnia, Gin's Hyacinth Bean and Marigold. Some of the color is a result of the volunteering seeds of Cyprus Vine and the pesky hybrids of Morning Glory. The Girl Cat prefers the Butterfly when she visits the Vegetable Garden, like me she's a tad nervous of the Humming Birds having had several unfortunate encounters with them. It's the tunnel vision I suppose, and it's very embarrassing to elegantly leap all four feet into the air and fly splat into a fence. Trust me when a Humming Bird squeaks he or she is laughing at those of us who might be earthbound, non-migrating bumpkins.



     It's that time of year for Goldenrod, Iron Weed, the bloom of Jerusalem Artichoke and a whole bunch of things the names of which defeat my capacity to recall, and it's the time of year for Caterpillar. There's a white hairy one in the Chard, there's a grey reddish one in the last of the Beans, there's much doodling around and feasting on what remains of the actual vegetables. And I had to weed the Strawberry bed, couldn't leave it any longer, the Toad who has his burrow there popped out to give me the evil eye, I rather weakly apologized for disturbing his morning as I tip-toed around him and the Girl Cat just yawned at him, she knows all about frothing at the mouth. How quickly they all grow up.


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