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 Thursday September 1st 2016Tim Candler9


     Compost Pile turning while obviously very good for the soul was today a little on the Snurk Factor side. Not a particularly well known category, but essentially it ranges from Snurk Factor One all the way to Snurk Factor Ten. A Snurk Factor Five would be something like the bloom of grasslands, clouds of yellow pollen, the odd sneeze, a slight head ache, running nose, aching bones, a suggestion of gout in the knee and a general sense of "why me" mitigated a little by the wonders of early summer. Above Snurk Factor Five, which begins around July 4th the outdoors is no longer white picket fence, straw hat and a moan about crabgrass, it requires grit, determination and the pioneer spirit, rare qualities for some of us, complete lunacy in the opinion of others..



       Not certain what it was in the Compost Pile. Plenty of snails and slugs, a tribute to the damp weather, high levels humidity, dew on the ground well into the late afternoon. There were a couple of the more sinister mushrooms which in Snurk Factor terms is a sure sign of trouble. Can't believe it was the yellower of the two Compost Pile Slime Molds, far to elegant to have produced such a Compost Pile atmosphere. More likely the thread lace white one who just adores the drier plant material and will puff in an irritated manner when disturbed. There was a dark red, almost maroon, sootiness' around the edges of the pile, and a giant carnivorous centipede that I thought a little too aggressive. Either way, above Snurk Factor Eight you're looking at rotting mattress and a diligent gardener enters super hero territory. I guess my reward will be in heaven.


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