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 Wednesday September 21st 2016Tim Candler9


      The Tropic of Cancer figures sometime in the next twenty four hours, and I have been meaning to experiment with N scale trees before it's too damn cold to do stuff like working with N scale trees in the outdoors. Saint Barbara's Monument is a long way from being conceptualized, which is another way of saying I want tiny bricks to play with so that I might build a tower that looks like the kind of tower Saint Barbara might have been locked up in. Then there's the bridge, it was a necessary bridge, but very poorly thought out. The other area is the six to five and half inch radius curves in the track which kind of limits engine and carriage size. In short I may have to bring in earth movers, let them loose and see what happens.



     A nine to eleven inch radius curve would give me a potential for a real powerful steam engine pulling miles of carriage. It would have a head light, a whistle and it would sweep across the countryside, turning heads and raising dreams of distant places where streets were paved with gold and Parrots called from fruit trees. Of course Saint Barbara's Halt would be wholly inadequate for the such majesty, so there'd have to be some kind of bus service, and certainly I'll raise it at the next committee meeting where there's already some huffing and puffing about the color scheme of the Oddfellows Hall from the Saint Barbara's Militia. I don't know where they got the idea that turquoise white and black were a satanic color combination. Not easy being God.


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