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 Thursday September 22nd 2016Tim Candler9


      In the Dentist Chair I couldn't recall if The Rabbit has yet described the Witch of Ithaca beyond the awe and wonderfulness of her often terrifying and erratic Being, and some of her more eccentric interests. But the thing about a person is they have two parts. The one part is what they look like, the other part has to do the eyes and movements, some aspect of the face, nuances of speech and expression, that offer insight into who a person might be.



     As the various dental procedures progressed I continued to obsess a little on the Witch of Ithaca, maybe her eyes were deceptively blue, possibly unusually tall, might even have big hands, and we'd reached that point where a patient pretends through movements of his mouth that he's very familiar with flossing when it came like a bolt of lightning that the Dentist's Chair is probably not the best place to attempt an objective contemplation of the Witch of Ithaca's appearance.


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