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 Sunday September 25th 2016Tim Candler9


      In all the excitement of getting ready for winter, which incidentally is a novel experience for those of us who are more familiar with an idea of winter as a good four months of purgatory, your correspondent is currently dwelling upon four stages of concrete preparation otherwise things will bump into each other, all hell will break loose and winter will be wasted. The first area of preparation is to secure with some precision the nature of The Rabbit's exile so that in moments of intensity the mind doesn't get all carried away into the fantastically absurd. This basically means homework, lots of it. And neatly filed notes with a comprehensible index. All very well talking about the computer screen as an analogy for the miracle of consciousness in a whole new model of consciousness, but if you can't find your notes we're all doomed to rambling about in a most unsatisfactory manner.



      Two other areas of preparation relate to the "alright Guys" of N Scale. The principal issues here are radius curves and whether to welcome a monastery or a nunnery to the county. The fourth area is a deteriorating relationships with Saint Barbara's militia, who have laid out their conditions for cooperating  in the scheme to a run a rail line through their county that'll manage a giant 4-8-4 steam locomotive and at least ten carriages. The committee has offered the militia a Swedish made Bofors 40mm multi-purpose auto cannon and tractor. It makes a lot of noise, it's great fun to take apart, keep clean, it could take down passing airplanes or it could stop an invading Commonwealth tank, but they want a U-Boat VIIC. Some committee members have pointed out that an ocean going submarine makes little sense for a land locked county, others of course have suggested it would give some kind of purpose to the county's water feature and might bring trade to the Yellow Roof Motel.


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