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 Monday September 26th 2016Tim Candler9


      Some of us are very tempted by DCC. No shortage of literature on the subject, much of it written by devotees for whom jargon is a matter of pride, so the apprentice has a whole new dictionary to get his mind around. I could go on a rampage around the flaw of insularity in our species but best no to. Nor will I be trusting the promotional media that have such a stranglehold on information. But the point about DCC is you can do away with most Blocks and with an auto reverse module there's no need for an insulated Frog which means a Reverse Loop is a Piece of Cake, apparently.



      A Reverse Loop could well be the solution to the problem of introducing nine and a half inch Radius Curves into the County of Saint Barbara. Much of it would have to be elevated but at least the egress would be a single track. An even greater temptation is that DCC permits Locomotives to run independently upon the same track. This causes a mind to expand in an almost hallucinogenic manner, but sadly there's a cost factor. The other thing is that I have to have some idea of the world beyond Saint Barbara and this means I'm probably looking at a Dog Pole Loop.


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