An English In Kentucky


















 Wednesday September 28th 2016Tim Candler9


      Four code 80 remote standard frogs should be sufficient. There'll be aqueduct type structures to carry the rails, a little earth moving, a couple of bridge adjustments which would have the added benefit of improving traction on a rather awkward turn, and Bob's Your Uncle, a 4-8-4 calling to the night as it steams from somewhere yet to be, toward somewhere yet to be conceived.



       The DCC issue remains uncomfortable. The mind wanders around the questions, it sees its more physical attributes engrossed in manuals, becoming exceedingly frustrated and doing things like throwing stuff out of windows, so there's a whole diplomatic effort attempting to rephrase the problem by resorting to honeyed words and leaping on hubristic assumptions that follow on from my ten year old mentor's How Too videos.


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