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 Friday September 2nd 2016Tim Candler9


     Fresh North East breeze, sky very blue, an occasional powder puff cloud. It's an Elgon Day, and it would be nice if frost would wait until at least January, but we all know the first frost is usually in mid to late October round here. More astonishing, your correspondent is anticipating the colder weather with some enthusiasm. Takes humility on his part to admit it after getting on fifty years of moaning and groaning around the lot of anyone unnatural enough to have been given to ancestors who chose to call north of the Tropic of Cancer their territory, then spent centuries hell bent on a world domination they had the nerve to call civilization.



       He remembers well that first experience of frigid darkness at three thirty in the afternoon, and no one seemed in the least alarmed by it. He felt as though he was surrounded by mental patients. Then there's that odiously chipper phrase "Have a nice summer" which still makes his toes curl a little, brings on a sneer and there's a certain undercurrent of pity in his reply "same to you." I could argue that your correspondent has finally assimilated, but to do away with any notion of humility I have to say that more likely it has to do with his massively important winter projects and yes we're talking a new monastic dynasty, we're talking Saint Timothy, N scale Trees and there might even be a Battle Ship of the Line that Hornblower would be proud of.


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