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 Friday September 30th 2016Tim Candler9


   Almost ready to decide against DCC. Call it Old School, the kind of mutton that sneers at the new fangled and reckons a Remote is a primary cause of a Civilization's decline, the new world a sort off hands place where a man quickly loses touch with his 0-6-0 Switcher, the steam boiler and the shoveling of fuel, the dirty neck of sweat and heat, and he might as well become an office worker.



    The other point worth mentioning is the emergence of an idea that includes a board with lots of lights and toggles on it. I do understand this sounds like a great deal of planning, diagrams and stuff like that, all of which, following decline due to loss of brain cells, will have to have aid-mémoire notes dotted all over the place. Just one small noble contribution to the preservation of life as we know it, and you're very welcome.


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