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 Saturday September 3rd 2016Tim Candler9


     Don't yet understand Hugh Crabtree. I know what he looks like, he's Eagle Nosed, he's in his fifties, his hair is longer for a man of his age in 1970 something but his hair length has nothing to do with an older man keeping up with a younger generation. His hair has always been a longer, but not ponytail long. I forget his real name, he was very smart and pompous with it, but was subject to suicidal depressions, which meant he had to drink a lot even though I never actually saw him drunk. Oddly he was allergic to certain alcohols, which meant he had to take pills to see him through, and occasionally he'd disappear for a week or so, he'd return fresh, healthy looking and so delighted to be back he once gave me a hug which back then was considered an untoward and totally unnecessary behavior. A Bit of a Jaunt, he'd call his disappearances.



       He had an intense dislike of PD Ouspensky and the spiritual mysticism that once filled the imagination of many who didn't have to work too hard for a living, and consequently were just a little bored by the ordinary things and didn't mind ff people knew how hard they were working at becoming even more special, like Hubbard's Scientologists of today, I guess. He could also explain such mysteries as Space Time as well as how the synapse worked and always difficult to know whether he knew what he was talking about because his manner was often such that he could be truly irritating if you didn't understand him. I liked him, many didn't and he'd often get himself into the kind of quarrels that could get a person banned from a bar. Usually about something very minor like the difference between a Whippet and a Greyhound. A majority called him Professor. Either way, our hero is locked up in an isolation ward with Hugh Crabtree as we speak.


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