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 Monday September 5th 2016Tim Candler9


     Sounds more like Sunday than Monday, must be something going on. For those of us incapable of multi-tasking life is currently devoted to J channel, nothing else matters. A sad condition, I know, but consider the Girl Cat convinced that there's something behind the refrigerator, she can spend hours just staring at it in a more than alert manner, ready to leap into action. In this area she and I have far too much in common.



       It's a compulsive personality, prone to obsessing upon the immediacy of something or other that might not be that important, or in her case could be a noise that might sound like a small furry rodent scurrying around under the refrigerator but is actually an indication that the refrigerator is elderly, tired, close to exhaustion and ready for the End of Times. Entirely possible J channel is also an interpretation of mind.


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