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Wednesday April 12th 2017Tim Candler9


    Roofing and roofs are a plot to drive a person toward selling his soul to the devil. Not a religious person in the traditional sense but I am beginning "to believe that evil exists." And roofs are a sure sign. They are a gateway to the kind of psychosis that makes a person want to become something like a President of the United States, or a fatwa issuing Mullah. All of it starts with roofs, next thing you're knocking off the heads of Bunny Rabbits and soon enough you're dropping bombs on children just because you feel like it.



   Nor does it really help if the roofer is uneasy around a roof that requires anything like a ladder to reach. The other area in the course of daily life, I begin to realize, that also suggests "that evil exists" is the temptation to look for reasons to avoid any task, like roofing, that requires a ladder. Yes indeed, it's a slippery slope, too cold, too hot, the sun's shining, pollen, there's a breeze from the north, north west, nesting Wren, it'll disturb the Cat. Either way roofing has commenced, and some of us are feeling pretty damned heroic, yet another slippery slope.


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