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Thursday April 13th 2017Tim Candler9


    There are two sides to the argument. On the one side there are those who will say the experience of consciousness is not very useful in the task of indentifying what consciousness is, where it might lie and what it might be. On the other side there are those who basically say that what consciousness is, outside the experience of it, hasn't yet been discovered. And always worth while to remember that we in our species are primarily Tool Makers, which means that if we can get something or someone else to do it for us we will and in the process we stumble upon new things, with new possibilities, some of them useful. 



   By any measure consciousness, whether or not we know what it is, is useful. And the idea that our species has a monopoly on consciousness, is absurd. We have what we have, it's configured the way is in us and much as we might like to we can't do much about it. Same for a Cat, an Elephant or a Blue Green Algae. But there's one thing for certain, when you have to wait until around noon to realize that today is not Sunday, you begin to understand that consciousness might not be as bright eyed and perky as it's cracked up to be. It's ability to be useful is very dependant upon pretty much everything else that's contained within a self. Alternatively, the end times for me might be closer than I thought.


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