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Friday April 14th 2017Tim Candler9


    Saint Augustine of Hippo, Hippo being a town in what's now Algeria, was around when the Western Roman Empire still had clout in the Mediterranean. He taught rhetoric in various parts of the empire, and he had nothing good to say about any of his unruly and entitled students. He wasn't born to the Christian Faith, he didn't assume it, he converted and he finally found solace in the debates within the many Cathedrals of the early Christian Church. 



   Augustine said this about the soul: the timing of the of infusion of the soul into the fetus was a mystery known only to God. He reckoned also that the soul was a gift of god to humankind, it wasn't given to something like a pet Beagle. Close to his death, Vandals besieged Hippo. Soon after his death, Vandals lifted the siege, yet when they returned a couple of years later they breached the city defenses and they sacked the city but they left Augustine's library in tact.


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