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Thursday April 20th 2017Tim Candler9


     Given the current fashion for recusing oneself, I think it only right that I should recuse myself from the burden of even trying to believe anything a member of the political class might see fit to utter and join that throng of men and women who are really far too busy to do very much more to direct our future than express outrage on Face Book and when called upon to action find themselves otherwise engaged in vital bourgeois activities most of which are primarily a Pavlovian reaction to the Running Dogs, or Zou Gou, of Madison Avenue that have turned so many of us into Wombat Cuddlers for the rich and famous.



   This of course does mean putting effort into novel expressions of outrage, and this morning while pinching off Asparagus Beetle from the progressively organic Asparagus bed I did have my opportunity to go all out bouffant liberal on a boy Thrasher who was cooing sweet nothings from the Otto Luyken Laurels and confusing the Bean and Lentil soup out of an unattached girl Mockingbird. A rather witty remark, I thought, about the departure of a Fox News Super Star and Health Insurance Companies. Nonetheless when it comes to the Groundhog in the Forsythia I'm just going to have to go neoliberal on him, plan to nail him to the barn wall as a decorative accent.


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