An English In Kentucky


















Friday April 21st 2017Tim Candler9


     Our hero has been patiently waiting on a rainy day. Your writer of pulp has entered a period of reverie where the ideal and practical clash in the epic struggle so well expressed by the Psalms of David. Mind you to make any sense of them much better to repeal the ideal of a Christian God, replace it with the geometry of slopes. This way life has its presence here on earth, no comfort from the far away excuse of salvation.



   One could think of it as a cosmic joke, but that would require some kind of everlasting observer. So where to join the entails of the Big Bang. One option is to join with the Angel of Greed take as much as we can before it's all gone, the other a sweet surrender into what remains in the hope that whatever comes next, life will proceed without our trivial understandings of it, the naming of parts, then that "which sitteth in the heavens shall laugh" in vain. Call it "Cheeky" if you wish to.


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