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Sunday April 23rd 2017Tim Candler9


     A radical adventurer travelled an hour and half to make a case for Science on Earth Day. The A + B of existence and the importance of peer review prior to the word "Eureka." An acceptance of Pi. A solemn occasion, usually, but being people we prefer the victory and dance to the tunes of "I told you so" then soon enough fall flat on our own faces in mud. It's a recurring condition.



   The A was map and a respectable shave, the B a parking space. The "Eureka" might have been achieved had our gallant and doddering adventurer dressed correctly for the Arctic chill, the damp rain and had he invested $10 in a Kleenwaste Pee-Wee Urine Bag, with free shipping. His peers, naturally enough, were all frightfully intelligent, most had umbrellas. "In Peer Review We Trust!" was a good one. My own antitheses "Science is Politics" never made it and probably just as well.


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