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Tuesday April 25th 2017Tim Candler9


     The last President is to be paid $400,000 to speak to the disgustingly wealthy. Think what you will, but I'm very certain the National Weather Service has also been taken over by a horsemen of the Apocalypse. It rained last night and there was no forecast for rain, or anything like rain. Always a chance the National Weather Service might have erred, but I doubt that. Much more likely there's a cabal of climate change deniers altering the numbers to please their masters in the hose pipe manufacturing industries.



    No accident that yesterday there was a message on the answer phone from a purveyor of automatic irrigation equipment, easy payment plan and satisfaction guaranteed apparently. Then when I think back to the last visit to the Hardware Store it was devoid of hosepipe repair parts and those hosepipe repair parts they did stock were all half inch. Not a five eighth inch anywhere to be seen. We're all doomed to the lackeys of greed, all of them eager to sell their souls then boast about it in a Starbucks. Jesus will be turning in his grave and so will Saint Teresa....


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