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Sunday April 2nd 2017Tim Candler9


    Never been under the illusion that politics is about anything other than power and money. Nor have I ever been under the illusion that Democracy is about anything much more than setting the rules for behavior amongst those unfortunates who have been called to politics. And too I have learned to understand cynicism as a variety of common sense, more politely they, or we, when we're in the right mood call ourselves skeptics as we pour cold water down the spines of enthusiasts.



    A current obsession in my own little world is a sense that our leaders, the political class, have achieved an atrophy the nature of which follows from them having been possessed of power and money for far too long. The problem for me is that the new broom attempting to sweep them away has been fed by anger and a sense of lose, rather than anything remotely reasonable, and as a result we have entered that part of the dream world that turns to nightmare that feeds on division.  Not a big fan of competitive sports or the victory parade, and chest thumping has never been cute.


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